YouTube Analytics API with Parabola?

Does anyone know how to use the YouTube Analytics API with Parabola? I think I need to use OAuth, but I don’t get how to set that up.

Hey Sophie!

If you want to get analytics from the YouTube API, you will need to use OAuth. But if you want to access pretty much anything else with that API, you can just use an API Key, which will be far easier.

YouTube OAuth setup
Attached below are the 3 screens of the OAuth flow in Parabola.

If you have not created an OAuth credential set on the google side, do that first:

Be sure to add in our redirect URI after you create it:

Then you need to go into a Parabola flow, add an API Import (Assuming you want to import), and set its auth type to OAuth. When you click Authorize, you will see the screens from the screenshots.

For the first screen, paste in this URL:

And replace “your client id” with the client ID you have.

Make sure the scope of the first part is what you want. I used the analytics read only scope for youtube.

Next you need to put your client id and secret into the second and third screens, and configure them to look exactly like this:

Then you should be able to authorize!

If that works, put in the endpoint that you want to import data from.

Here are some useful tips:

  • The Youtube and Analytics API must be added to your google cloud project
  • The requester (your credentials) must be an owner of the Youtube channel
  • When adding in the “scopes” parameter, if you need several, they must be added all together, with a space between each one.
  • The data you retrieve seems to be delayed by a day or so