Google API Authorization Error

Hi! I am trying to connect to google API to sendo information to Google BigQuery, I have created an OAuth2 Authorization, following the steps from this topic: YouTube Analytics API with Parabola?, but I keep receiving an error saying it “can’t make the refresh request”.

Is there something I am missing? I was capable to receive the refresh token when using google playground or postman using the same information.

That is perplexing! Looking on our end, it does not look like a refresh token was ever stored for you when you went through the authorization process. That either means one was not sent to us, or its in a spot in the response that we are not expecting - and both seem unlikely.

You mentioned that you were able to get one from Postman, would you be able to post the response that gave you a refresh token initially, with all personal information redacted? That way I can see the structure that is coming back.

Also, could you try re-authorizing by clicking on Authorize at the last screenshot you sent?

I have authorized it again.

I tested it again on Postman, the reason I am able to do the process there is because I can send data to BigQuery without having to use a refresh token, when I try to get a refresh token thought I get the following error:

Maybe is the same error that appears to Parabola and that’s why it is not receiving a refresh token.

Well… I managed to make it work.

Here’s what happened, I was able to retrieve the access token from Postman, but not capable to see the refresh token, that because the refresh token only appears on the first call after you have authorized the app.

So, just reauthorizing Parabola would not retrieve the refresh token, I had to go here:, remove parabola’s access and authorize it again.

Now it is working as expected.

Thank you for your support @brian.