Google Analytics Events

Hello all!

Quick question, why aren’t Google Analytics Events (Behavior/Actions etc) available through the Analytics step? They are available through the analytics API, but not on the Parabola implementation. Any ideas?

Thank you!

Hi Fernando! Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, if you’re not seeing the Analytics Events you’re looking for in our Google Analytics integration, we don’t support that event type right now. This Google Analytics step is one that we’d like to improve in the near future, we know it’s a bit limited in its current form.

It would be great if you can repost this as a feature request to improve our GA step:

It’s a bit more challenging, but you should be able to the Analytics API using our generic API Import step. You would use OAUTH2.0 to authenticate. Here’s our documentation on using OAuth 2.0 in Parabola. Let us know if you need any help with this!