Stripe Connect Integration

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to set up the “Authorize API export” to use OAuth 2.0 stripe in Parabola. I have filled in all the boxes and wish to press blue button to authorize. This opens the login page, I do everything but nothing happens at the end, Parabola doesn’t close the settings window. I think it comes from the redirection link but I put the parabola link in the settings…
Do you see a solution?


Hi there! I took a look at Stripe’s API Documentation and their API uses API Keys to authenticate. Try selecting “Username and Password” in the Authentication dropdown and then put your Secret API Key into the Username field. Leave the Password field blank. That should work to authenticate to their API. Is there a particular reason you wanted to use OAuth 2.0?

I don’t know your specific use case, but please use caution. Parabola flows can fail to run, or re-run under certain conditions, so you would want to build your flow in a way that will still function as expected if the flow fails, fails partially, or is run more times than expected. You especially want to be careful when updating a payment platform, like Stripe.

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thank you for your response,
it’s their express system that’s offering us to go with their OAuth to go faster.
I finally found the solution: the redirection address also had to be changed in the stripe settings.
That’s one more step!
I’ll let you know if I have other problems,
thank you anyway!

That’s helpful to know! If you’re willing, it would be awesome if you can share screenshots of how you configured the 3 steps for OAuth 2.0 (Of course, please block out/remove any private information). That way, future customers can learn from how you configured it!

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Yeah, it’s working, but I still can’t get the rest of it to work…when I fill in the stripe form, it sends well data on my stripe account but Parabola can’t retrieve it…

Here is the error message:
An error occurred during authorization: There was an error associating this callback with your flow. Please close this window and try again.

Here are screenshots of my configuration.

Could you help me, thank you and have a nice evening! :slight_smile:

Also, there are some links that could help :

Hey there! I can help you out!

There are a few things that you can do to move this along.

Here are some screenshots of how I think your OAuth form should be set up, and an example endpoint URL that will work:

Give that a try - the URL Endpoint is

This set up may give you an error, but I will help with that if it happens!

To edit your existing OAuth form, click Edit Accounts, scroll down and find the entry that has a checkmark next to it. Then click Edit at the top of the list, and click the Pencil Icon next to the entry you are using and want to edit.

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Thank you for your message,
Here’s what I’m getting with these parameters:

The data I’m interested in is the account ID (“stripe_user_id”) but it doesn’t appear in the results…
What should I change?

However, thanks to you, I no longer get the error message!
It says at the end: “Authorization Complete!”
Also, how do I redirect people to my website anyway?

I’m not sure which endpoint you would use to get that information back - but you can choose one from the Connect section of this page (on the left) :

The best endpoint to use are GET endpoint that say they will list things out - such as the one you are using now, which Lists out all Accounts.

What exactly do you mean by this question?

When the user clicks on a button on my website, he will be asked to give his bank details by filling in the form at the following link:
(this is the link we have set up, it’s a test stripe form, you can test it by putting 000000000 in phone number and 000000 in code on the next page)
At the end of the form, the user is redirected to the redirection link that has been configured and which brings the user back to your site so that the data can be sent to you.
My two wishes are the following:

  • Redirect the user to my website (where he comes from) at the end of the form.
  • Transmit the data of the “Stripe-Account” to Parabola in order to be able to save it in my database and then be able to send money to this user via other integrations.
    Feel free to tell me if you have trouble understanding what I want to set up.

I’m not sure that I follow. So you have the form on Stripe that you linked to, where people fill out information.

When a user completes the form, where are you redirecting them?

It sounds like Stripe would be controlling where the end of the form redirects, so I would assume you would change that in Stripe.

Are you looking to use Parabola to import all of the accounts that have connected to your account via this form via the Stripe API? And then you want to save that data that comes from Stripe’s API into your database?

it seems that the user must necessarily be redirected to your site if I want to obtain the data, isn’t it?
and to answer your last two questions, yes that’s exactly it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure that this will work, if you need the end user to enter something in Parabola. There is not a good way to direct anyone to a flow and have them update credentials like this.

In general, you would want to use Parabola to pull in data that your account within a service has access to. So if, via that form that you have, your Stripe account becomes connected to the other Stripe accounts, you will probably be able to pull in the data that you need.

If not, it will not be easy/possible to have each user who fills out your form to update things in your flow.