Google Analytics authorization issue

Hello, I (Adrien) am trying to replicate a flow for a Webflow site using Aron Korenbilt’s tutorial:

We want to rank Webflow CMS generated pages and filter and display them by popularity, which is exactly what this recipe does. The tutorial is easy to follow and the steps are well explained. I have watched it 6 times. I have watched the introduction to Parabola tutorials as well. The issue is that I can’t get Step 1 to work, so that I can even get started recreating the recipe in the tutorial.

Note: This is not my account, I am using the account established by the Webflow site owner (Danny).

Step -1 : Add a Google Analytics widget. There should be an authorization step after dragging the widget to the canvas. The account owner (Danny) did this when setting up the account and starting the flow. It is my task to complete the next several steps. The necessary Google account appears and is selected. (There is more than one, the targeted account is the one selected)

Step -2 : Is to import the Google Analytics data using drop down menus to filter and proceed through the recipe sequence.

Problem: There is no data. none.

Trouble shooting:
A- I have clicked the update button, no data found. No drop down menus appear in the sidebar.
B- I have clicked the settings gear on the Google Analytics widget, same modal screen comes up, no data found. Sidebar is empty except for the selected account name.
C- I have deleted the widget and added a new version to the canvas. No authorization screen comes up, no drop down menus appear in the sidebar for adding/linking data fields, result is - no data found.

Solution: What is the disconnect, or why isn’t the Google Analytics widget connecting to the Google Analytics account? Was the widget not authorized? Is there a way to re-authorize the account? Should I have the site owner delete the flow he created and start over?

We originally tried to achieve this using Zapier and Firebase and the Webflow CMS, but using looked like a better solution, since the heavy lifting was already done and Aron had created a tutorial for the exact purpose we needed, so we pivoted to this solution. I have followed several of Aron’s Airtable tutorials previously, and use Max/MSP which uses a flow canvas similar to Parbola, but I can’t get past the first step here!

Some insight would be appreciated as it seems very basic, but I didn’t set the account up myself, so I don’t know if steps were missed or created improperly.

Thanks, Adrien

Hey Adrien!

I think that may be an indication that the particular Google Analytics account has no “Profiles”. On the GA side, those are called Views. I can see them when I click on “All Web Site Data” here:

Do you have Views on that account?

I see that the other account available in your flow’s auth does have profiles listed.

Thanks for pointing that out, Brian! Danny had his Analytics for the site set to a Beta Mode, instead of Website or Mobile App. I didn’t even know that was a thing!

It’s all good now, and I am even finding that since Aron made his video, that some of the steps have been streamlined even further, ie, I didn’t have to add the site or collection IDs, I could select from a dropdown. Very cool! Much easier than Zapier to “automate all the things.”


Awesome! Glad its working well for you!

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