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I use the same input data on 4 different flows. Two I run daily and the other 2, I run about every 3 days. What is the simplest way (other than an API) to actually import my CSV into the flows since I use the same data in all? Is there a landing spot that can connect to the import on multiple flows?

Hey @Link_Ervin! If I’m understanding correctly, you have 4 flows that you run by uploading the same CSV file? You could import that CSV to a Google Sheet and then reference that same sheet for all four flows. Each week you would overwrite that Sheet with the new CSV before your four flows run.

Conversely, if you don’t want to create a Google Sheet that you have to open and import to every week, I’d recommend making a 5th flow which is simply just a CSV Import to Google Sheets Export.

Make sure you have this export connected to a file and sheet you can reference as the import for your other 4 flows, and use the Export Rule of Overwrite Sheet.

Run this new flow manually one time before your other flows run, and that’s it!

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Thanks for that detailed explanation on the second idea. That’s probably the one I’ll go with for now at least. That’s essentially what i was looking for; one place to drop the data. Thank you