Question about multiple CSVs with same headers but different data

Hopefully someone can help me out here.

I have a flow that uses a csv input. I cannot grab the data contained in the CSV via an api.

I’d like to re-use this flow, using new csvs that have the same headers but different data.

When I do this (and change the CSV) the flow needs to re-calculate – effectively running twice.

This is painfully slow and seems like a common use case.

Any suggestions?

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Hey Tim!

Looks like there is a feature request for this here: Prompt for a file at Runtime so you can add your vote to that.

The only way to get around this now, would be to import the file via the DropBox Import, and then when you want to change the file, go into DropBox, and replace the file with the new one. If you try to add a file that has the exact same name, DropBox will prompt asking if you want to update the existing file. This will allow Parabola to keep the connection to that file.


I was using the Dropbox method for a while but it ultimately didn’t work out. Syncing, coordinating, and trouble shooting made the process too error prone.

I like Parabola but this use case feels very obvious. You need to do double the work – going through the “draft” and “publish” – every time new data goes through the process.

Hopefully you guys can prioritize this.

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