Triggering flows multiple times automatically with different "pull from API" parameters each time


I have a working flow that needs to pull data from an API, process it and then send it to a Google sheet. I need to do this may times however, like a 100 or more for example per “project”.

Each time however the parameters in the first API request will be different.

Is there a way, or what is the best way to submit or trigger a flow 100 times with variations in the API pull parameters. Would it be possible to create a good sheet or upload a CSV with the 100 different API endpoint URL’s / parameters and then have the flow read each row and execute with the correct parameters each time until completed?

I hope that makes sense. So the goal is to automate submitting many GET requests, requesting different data, to an external API and having that data processed in Parabola and saved to a Google sheet.


Hi Jarad,

Yes, this is exactly what the “Enrich with API” step is for.

Without knowing your specific use case, I hope this example can help:

There’s an API that predicts someone’s age based on their first name. This is the endpoint:[firstName]

You could make a list of names in a sheet, like this:


The idea is that you’d replace the [firstName] value in the API endpoint with each name in that list.

Then, you’d pull in that sheet and connect it to an enrich with API step. Your flow might look like this:


Inside the “Enrich with API” step, you would call the API for each row in that Google Sheet, and you can replace the [name] parameter with each name, dynamically, so each call is different. Doing this, you get the following result:

Then, you could export your results back to a Google Sheet, or wherever else you might need.

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