Upload CSV - Request file when run?

Hi. When I use the upload CSV file as the data source, how can I set it so when the process is published, it asks which file to upload when it runs? (Instead of using the file from when it was built)


Hi Darren - The CSV Import source cannot pull updates to this file from your computer without you manually updating the file. Once you publish your flow, you would need to upload the appropriate file in draft mode and publish your flow again before running on the new file data.

What’s the source of your CSV file? If you can share more about your current workflow, I can brainstorm alternate solutions.

Hi - I’m in a similar boat. I have CSVs from various sources (ecomm platform, UPS, Oracle) which are not generated on a schedule. It would be great to just have a prompt when running a flow for each of the files required that aren’t in the cloud (such as Google Sheet where I point the transformed/cleaned data).

Thanks, Mike

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Hey Mike!

Totally makes sense. The best thing to do now would be to request that in #feature-requests and others can vote for it!

Has it ever been implemented or are there any plans to implement it in near future?

This has not been implemented yet, but its on our radar! We have a feature coming out that is similar, that may solve many of these use cases!

Sounds interesting! Is there more information and/or the timeline?

We are working on a feature to allow flows to accept emails with a CSV file attached, in order to both initiate the flow to run, and to use that CSV in the flow. To us, that seems like a better experience, as it is more automated. Would something like that solve your needs?

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This might be even better, my goal is to have non-technically savvy people in warehouse to be able to initiate a flow with their CSV files and then obtain the resulting CSV file. My input is 2 CSV files, will this feature support 2 CSV files as an input?

Hey Gregory,

The initial version of this will support a single file sent via email to a flow. But I can totally see how multiple files would be useful! Once we get this one out, I’ll make sure its on our list to work through how to support multiple files.

Hi Brian,

If I use Google Sheets as input, each time I run the flow it would take updated data from Sheets?

@Gregory_Gugel yep! the import will pull in the most up-to-date data you have in the Google Sheet you specify.

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