Export to Google sheets just duplicating every line item - not overwriting or adding new entries

Hello all,
New user to Parabola - forgive me if I’m ignorant or re-posting an already discussed topic. When I run my flow and export to Google sheets, every “run” is just duplicating every line item again in my sheet. So if it runs 50 rows, twice per day, I have 100 rows of data in google sheets.

Is there a way to have it run the flow - and then only add “new entries” into my google sheet?

Thanks for helping!

Hey @Michael_Jared,

Welcome to Parabola :wave:

Try using a Pull from Google Sheets step to import those line items right back into your flow. You can then use a Find overlap step to cross-reference the line items from your Google Sheet with the line items from your main import.

To show new entries, you’ll want to find values that do not match on a shared “Line items” column between both imports. You should now be able to export those new entries to your Google Sheet.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Daniel! I believe this worked!