Understanding Flow Steps Sequence

Hi there, I am a bit confused on the flow steps sequence. Which flow is executed first, top left corner? is it asynchronous? For example, I have this flow below, with 2 sets of steps that aren’t’ connected. I’d like to know which step between the one framed in yellow or green is executed first?

The flow steps in the bottom line depends on the completion of the top line steps. I need to make sure I understand the sequence.


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Thank you

Hi @KLoic,

When a flow is ran, all data sources are immediately updated and pulled in (both marked steps will begin calculating synchronously). When that data source is a static file (such as a CSV), that data is typically pulled in nearly instantly (depending on the file size).

For integration steps, we make an API call as soon as the flow is triggered to pull in the most up-to-date data from the source. This step’s processing time will depend on how many records you’re trying to fetch, rate limiting, etc.

Even though the CSV branch will initially pull in data/ get to the top Send to Google Sheets step more quickly, the Find Overlap step will wait to calculate until it receives updated data from both sources.

In short, I would not worry too much about the sequence in this flow or most others! Let us know if you have any other questions here.

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Gotcha. Thank you!!!

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