Is there an way to create a delay between 2 steps?

Hey all,

Currently building a flow that pulls from Webflow, enriches through an API to generate an image then push that image back into the Webflow collection item.

Issue is that the POST request takes a couple of seconds to generate the image and return the URL I need. By that time the flow has finished. Any ideas?



Hey Tom!

I’m probably going to get some flak from our infrastructure engineers for helping you with this one. In general, no there is not a way to do that. We try to avoid waiting as much as we can.

That being said, this is sometimes needed! So you could use another API Enrichment call that takes some amount of time, and then make the request to the get your images.

If there was some sort of API that has a guaranteed a wait time, that could be used. Something like this:

Which will wait 3 seconds and then give you a quote by Kanye West. The 3000 in the URL can be adjusted to the number of milliseconds to wait. It tops out at 10 seconds, but try to keep it low to be kind to our servers!