Skip Running Flow in Draft

Hi, I have this flow below which uses Enrich with API as step 2. This Enrich with API takes about 50 mins to run. So whenever I update the data in step 1 (pull data from G.Sheet), the step 2 needs to first run in Draft mode before it can run in live mode.

This means that I first need to wait 2 times (100 mins in total) for the whole flow to run. Once I have tested the flow logic, can’t I just update the data in step 1 and run the flow directly in live mode once and for all? Currently, I can’t push the changes done in step 1 until changes in step 2 have finished calculating, the “Update Live” button is greyed out.

Btw, I am on the free plan. Maybe that’s the reason.

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Hey @KLoic ,

Whenever you run your flow, Parabola will go get the most recent version of your Google Sheet right at that moment.

So, I’d recommend that when you update your step 1 sheet, you don’t go into draft mode and refresh it. If you refresh it, yes, you’ll have to wait until the Enrich step completes (and this is useful if you want to preview what will happen, but perhaps unnecessary for you).

It should be fine if you 1.) update your step 1 sheet and then 2.) run the flow. No need to go into draft mode and accidentally re-initiate the enrich step.

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Hi @Brian_Dawson ,

Gotha. I think I did it accidentally but wasn’t sure what was happening. Now it’s clearer. Thank you!

Love your product, a bit pricey for bootstrapped founders though. Is there any way to get webhooks triggers as a paid add-on only??

Spot on @Brian_Dawson!

One of our most highly up-voted feature requests deals with stopping API enrichment from calculating in Draft mode – if you’d like to put your support behind the request, you can upvote this post. That said, Brian’s solution should eliminate the need here.

@KLoic really glad to hear you’ve enjoyed using Parabola so far :smiley: feel free to reach out over email at to discuss any pricing-related questions – thanks!