Range ERROR - First Run

Just ran my first flow - very exciting!!
Everything worked well expect the export for the google sheet. I have 5 sheets going into that export, which it is suppose to put each sheet in a tab within the main sheet. When I open the sheet within the flow, I have 5 “input sheet” selections but they only have “sheet 1” as an option in the drop down boxes on the left. It seems like I should be able to select the correct sheet for each but I can’t…kinda wondering if this is what the problem is.
This is the error message. I don’t know what range it is talking about…

Error: Missing required parameters: range

Any thoughts?

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Hey Zach, does your Google Sheet, the one where you are exporting to, have more than 1 sheet in it? You will need to go into Google Sheets and add more sheets so that Parabola can target them. Once you have done that, use the refresh icon at the top of the step, next to the name of it (when you are editing the settings) to pull in those new options.