Pull instagram empty -> Block my flow

I am in the process of repatriating my Ads data (as of yesterday) to Parabola and I am having a problem with Instagram.

I am creating a pull from my Facebook Business Manager account and I am receiving the data for the last 7 days.

My problem is that I don’t necessarily have an active campaign every day. For example, yesterday I didn’t activate a campaign, so my parabola is blocking this step and telling me : No data recieved.

How can I do to either : Recover the empty columns, or: How can I create a table with the columns on parabola only if I don’t get any data via the pull?

Hi Elzetia,

Welcome to the community :wave:

This sounds like a good use for the Insert text column step. Using this step, you can create a table with the necessary columns, if no data is pulled in.

To do this, place the “Insert text column” step after your Facebook import. Create as many columns as necessary to match the column structure from Facebook. Finally, toggle “Skip if column already exists” at the top of the step.

If data is pulled in from Facebook, no additional columns will be created. If no data is pulled in from Facebook, those columns will be generated so the rest of your flow can calculate!