Facebook Ads Image URLs - Not Working

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I am having an issue with pulling some data from Facebook Ads. When I add the “Image” field to get the Ad Image URL, under Breakdown by, I only get 2 rows of results when I should get many more rows. When I remove the ‘Image’ field, then I get more rows for my Ad account. Something seems to be buggy with the Image field. Can anyone confirm that it’s internal bug or if I am doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Hi KLoic – Welcome to the community :wave:

Is it possible that one of your columns contains JSON data which needs to be expanded using the Expand JSON step? This step can create more rows by expanding nested JSON data that APIs often return.

If you do not see any JSON or if this does not do the trick, let me know and we can continue to dig into this API pull!

Hi @Adam_R , thank you for your fast response. No I dont see any column with JSON data. I just removed all dimensions (what you call ‘Breadown By’) and only selected the Image dimension, then selected few metrics in columns and there was no results at all. Can you please try to pull data from Facebook Ads with the same selection as I just described above and see if you can make it work?


Hi @KLoic,

Do you get any results when you recreate the report in the Facebook Ads Reporting tool? Our step is meant to mimic the FB tool as closely as possible, so I’m wondering if you get different results there.

Looking through past support tickets, it seems that others have had difficulty pulling this data into the FB Ads Reporting tool, which would explain why it cannot be pulled into Parabola. Our engineering team has tried to pull in this data using your step settings (specifically the image field) in the past, and unfortunately we received a “no data received” message.

Wish that I had a better answer for you here!

Hi @Adam_R , I have compared this specific to Supermetrics (a popular data connector). In Supermetrics, I am able to pull the ad image url (see screenshot below). It seems that the ‘image’ field you are fetching isn’t the right one, I think you are fetching 'Image asset URL’. What you should fetch instead is the ‘image_url’ field listed on this ad-creative api reference page: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/marketing-api/reference/ad-creative. Would it possible for your devs to test it out? I can assure you that many of customers using FB ads will request this issue to be fixed.


Thank you

@Adam_R , the expected image urls are hosted on this domain: https://scontent-lcy1-1.xx.fbcdn.net…(other values)…

Thanks for your suggestion here, @KLoic!

Our engineering team has filed a ticket to check this out, and I will be sure to update this thread as soon as they have a chance to take a look. Appreciate your patience, and thanks again for the well-researched recommendation!

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