How to pull basic Facebook Data (Insights)

I want to pull my Facebook page Insights to build a simple Dashboard.

How can I pull the data from Facebook?

Hello @Aldo_Barba,

Have you tried getting this through the step Pull from Facebook Ads?

Our API steps (i.e. Pull from an API) wouldn’t be able to bring that specific Insights data in. If what you’re looking for isn’t included in one of the selectable options through our Facebook import step, then this is an unfortunate no.

I have tried @Adeline, but the step > Pull from Facebook Ads

only gets insights from the add accounts and not the Facebook Page.

Hope you can build a simple step to bring that basic info.


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@Aldo_Barba that’s a great point. Have you had a chance to make a feature request for this addition?:

Our team references Community feature requests to help decide on step improvements and what to build next. If you have time to add this one in, that’ll ensure more visibility for it to be incorporated into Pull from Facebook Ads and others can vote on it to show their support. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just posted the feature integration. Thanks :slight_smile:

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