Airtable Import missing columns when no content

Hey there,

I have a problem with my flow.

I’m importing content from Airtable and use it in Parabola.

In certain scenarios, the table I pull content from is empty.

In that particular case, not all the fields are displayed in Parabola which causes my flow to fail.

This is my table in AirTable.

This is what I get in Parabola

How can I get all the columns even if empty?

Thank you.

Hey @Jacques_Letesson

Sorry that you ran into this issue! This is a known bug that has been flagged with our engineering team. I’ll be sure to update this post when they’re able to prioritize a fix.

In the meantime, I recommend inserting 1 row of dummy data, with some value in each field. This row can be deleted as soon as you have real data to work with, but will help in the construction of your flow.

Appreciate your patience as the team works on the improvement!

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I’m having a similar issue, though happens when I’m trying to run a flow.

I have setup a series of flows that each pull products / supplers / etc from various Airtable tables and then send them to Webflow. I created dummy entries with 100% of the field filled in so that Parabola would pull in the fields for me to setup the action, but the reality is that each product has different information so not all fields need to be filled in.

So, when I try to run an action with real-life data, parabola throws an error as columns are missing. This makes it very difficult to build any automations.

Here is an images of the error when an empty field exists in Airtable:

Hi @Matteo_Grand,

Are you able to insert 1 row of dummy data, pull that into Parabola, and filter out the first row to ensure your columns exist?

After filtering out the first row of dummy data, you should be able to map all columns to your Webflow CMS, publish your flow, and send data to Webflow without including any dummy data.

Hey, yes, this works! Thank you for the workaround

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