Facebook Ads - pulling out 2 facebook accounts - only gets 1 accounts information

Hi all,

I am using the Facebook Ads to pull out insights from 2 seperate ad accounts from 1 business account. And send the insights to a Google Sheet document that is empty.

Whenever i run the flow now, it only pushes the rows from 1 of the accounts, even if both accounts are connected to the same google sheet (see attached) - i have used 5 of my free credits to check this multiple times, kind of frustrating as i don’t see anything that’s obviously wrong :frowning: and no errors pops up. Seems like it only pushes the data that is from the account that is checked LAST, and not from the FIRST account.

Note: The insert if/else column includes to insert a Country Name if it meets the requirments (contains a value). In both Insert if/else columns they meet the criterias at all times so it shouldn’t be problem…

See screenshot https://prnt.sc/urrm7n

Hope the information was clear and precise. Let me know if anything is missing.

I tried to create a brand new flow, but still the same result appears (only rows from 1 of the Pulls (account)) In the brand new flow i tried to give the all the triggers unique names to see if there were a conflict there… What is the best practice here? :slight_smile:

Hi @Steven_Kristoffer_Am,

Thanks for writing in about this experience, I understand how this could be frustrating and elusive. It was due to the export step Send to Google Sheets settings of “Overwrite Sheet”. When this step has two input sources connected to it and is set it to overwrite, this means one dataset input will overwrite the other, and only appear as one source sending to Google Sheets.

Both Facebook Ads datasets are sending to your Google Sheets, but one is currently overwriting the other when the data push finishes. If you select “Append to Sheet” in Send to Google Sheets settings, then this will result in both datasets appearing in your Google Sheets.

I’ve returned 5 credits to you to account for this testing experience. Let me know if you’d like further clarification or have any other questions we can assist you with. Thanks!

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Hi Adeline - I’ve tried both Overwrite and Append. I used a credit now to Run with the Append selected for the Google Sheet. Unfortunately it didn’t work. Any other thoughts? As mentioned i’ve tested to create a brand new flow with append and overwrite (just to check) and both gives the same result. Might there be an issue in the backend? Not sure.

Thanks for checking in and creditting the credits that i’ve spilled away :slight_smile:

Hey Steven!

Looks like our Google Sheets Export cannot append to the same sheet with different multiple data sets. Your best bet is to use a Stack Tables step to combine your two tables into 1, and then send that to Google Sheets.

Let me know if that works.

Hey @Steven_Kristoffer_Am - Just to follow up here, I’ve also reported this to our product team. You’re right that we should prevent customers from having the ability to select the same sheet for multiple inputs and provide a message explaining why. Hopefully we can make improvements here in the near future.

As Brian mentioned, if you want the data from your two Facebook accounts to arrive at the same Google Sheet, place a Stack Tables step before the Send to Google Sheets step. This will vertically stack your two data sets into one so that your Google Sheet will receive one consolidated export.

Let us know if you need any other help setting this up!


Hi Sachi, sry for the late reply on this one. Been hectic these covid days.
Anyways, thank you for your reply and answer. Stacking the tables works perfectly (i’ve been using it for 2 weeks now).

Have a great day ahead!