JSON object as a request parameter in authentication type of "Expiring access token"

How to pass the JSON object as a request parameter in the authentication type of “Expiring access token” to generate the Bearer token?


I want to send the following JSON object in the request body but it only gives me the option of key-value pairs. Please share a solution to send a JSON object.

“credentials”: {
“username”: “testuser”,
“password”: “testpassword”,
“company”: “testcompany”

Hey @Mike_Postal !

You can input the JSON Object in the section Request Body Parameters . On the left side, you’ll want to input username, password, company. On the right hand side input testuser, testpassword, and testcompany. Hope that helps!


Hi @Ayana_Usui

I have already tried this approach and I’m getting the same error.
The data which my login API requires is in JSON object

    "credentials": {
        "username": "testuser",
        "password": "testpassword",
        "company": "testcompany"

if I send data as you mentioned,

it will give me an unparsable payload error because this API requires an object of credentials but we are directly passing its sub-properties.

Is there any way to send the complete JSON object as a body instead of sending them as a key-value pair? I want to use the exact same technique of Pull from an API node to send a Request Body as shown below