How to select a nested result from an API response as the access token?

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the long post. A bit of context:

The Tribe GraphQL API can create access tokens that expire every 30 days (with a private app’s client ID and client secret). I want Parabola to go fetch a new access token whenever needed so I don’t need to manually input a new access token into the headers for calls to their API.

With the ability to get expiring access tokens, as described here, I was hoping to be able to pull this off. But I can’t quite crack it.

It seems that I’ve set up the “Expiring Access Token” header authorization correctly, as the response I’m getting contains a field called “accessToken” that does indeed contain the refreshing accessToken.

But, I’m struggling to get Parabola to recognize that the accessToken is there. I think I just need help defining the selector in the auth set up.

The result I get after setting up the Expiring Access Token header authorization is shown below:

The Settings error says it can’t find the access token in the response, but the body of the response shown does contain a new access token (‘accessToken’).

Here’s how I set up the Expiring Access Tokens header authorization:

As the response actually does contain the accessToken, I think I have everything set up correctly except for the field at the bottom - the “Response Access Token Field”.

I’ve tried the following as potential selectors/values for that field:

  • data.limitedToken.accessToken
  • limitedToken.accessToken
  • ['data']['limitedToken']['accessToken']
  • accessToken

Is there a value I could use in that “Response Access Token Field” field that would let me grab the accessToken from the response that’s coming through (so that I could use that as the auth for calls to the API)?