API that authenticates with user/pass and then requires the returned key to be sent each time

Hello all,

I’m working with an API (https://www.skireg.com/api/DirectorAPI.aspx) that requires a user/pass and returns a token valid for 24hrs. The token must then be submitted along with all future POST requests. My question is if this is possible to work with currently in Parabola.

I can make an API request by selecting “none” for authentication and then creating my own header with the user/pass info. I then get a JSON back that I can expand to get the token as a string. However I’m obviously unable to pipe that token as an input for another API pull. Any ideas or clever workarounds?

Hey @Braden_Becker,

We should be able to create a workaround using an orchestrator flow. An orchestrator flow is comprised of multiple Run another Parabola flow steps. We can use this to trigger 3 separate flows.

The first flow will use the Pull from an API step to generate your token as you normally would. Once it’s generated, we’ll quickly export that to Google Sheets.

The second flow will use the Import from Google step to pull in the token. Using the Enrich with an API step after, we can pass that column as a variable in our JSON body.

 "token":"{Google Sheet Column}"

The third flow will be used to overwrite/delete the token stored in your Google Sheet. Import a CSV or Google Sheet with 1 blank row, and you can re-export that to your initial sheet to clear the token.

Just be sure to schedule your orchestrator flow to run Once per day, and you should be set!

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Daniel, thank you again. Are there plans to incorporate local logic/storage within the parabola canvas in the future to remove the need for the single column sheet step? Seems like being able to bind certain values to local variables would be immensely powerful… obviously it would then be moving away from the visual drag/drop programming paradigm.

Hi @Braden_Becker,

The single export to Google Sheets is a bit hacky for sure. I completely agree with you though—adding local logic and storage to the canvas would be helpful. Implementing that feature is certainly on our radar.

Feel free to post your suggestion as a Feature Request in a separate thread. That way other users can chime in if they have similar feedback or suggestions!