API Auth to support token as a string instead of an object (Magento 2)

Magento 2, token for authorization response is only “value string”, without any keys. What should I fill in in the Parabola field “Response Access token field”? As I tried empty, brackets, and everything else as a field, but the key is not parsed. I even get a success 200 message and a correct key bellow (screenshot), but Parabola is showing an error, cant find access token.

Hi @Miha_Lenasi - Happy to take a look! Are you using the Bearer token authentication method to authenticate the step or are you passing that token using an authorization header?

Neither of that, I use Expiring Access Tokens. If I manually put the Bearer token in the header, it works normally. But that means it will not get refreshed automatically. So I use: Expiring Access Tokens in Parabola, which normally works perfectly for all applications, which return key and value, so the parabala can find the value. Magento returns only value without a key, so it looks like Parabola can not merge that as a bearer token.

Thank you for that information! As you mentioned, Magento is sending back their token as a string instead of an object. Unfortunately seems like we aren’t able to pull in the token in this format which is why you are seeing that error message.

Then please give me some other options or upgrade the call. Magento 2 is like the industry standard for larger web stores, how can you not support it? Just put an option for an empty key response. Can not understand how can you not support Magento 2…

Hey @Miha_Lenasi, I’ll relay this feedback to our product team to enable receiving tokens as a string on our API step. Once we receive updates, we’ll be sure to follow up on this thread.


Thanks. Merge tags support for bearer or strings, both is the solution. Expected timeframe? As without this input step, whole action is broken :slight_smile:

Any updates? As Magento 2 bearer auth is still not working… Please let me know the timeframe for resolving this bug. Thanks

Hey @Miha_Lenasi

Thanks for following up about this request. While we don’t currently have an expected timeline on this feature, we’re always reviewing suggestions and requests from our customers!

I’ve converted the thread to a Feature Request so other members can up-vote this request. Thanks again for getting in touch!


Het @Ayana_Usui
I believe that this issue is related to a bug in Parabola which is preventing the use of Magento API - one of the most popular webstores platform in the world. Not a future request. Would it be possible to prioritize this matter and expedite a solution? Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Hey @Miha_Lenasi, definitely hear you on hoping to get this pushed! I’ll bring this up with our product team again so it’s back on their radar.

For transparency, they are prioritizing other projects and foundational updates at the moment, so it can take some time until they can prioritize this request. Once we have an update, we’ll be sure to follow up on this thread!


Hi! Do you have any updates? It’s been two months, but I still can’t use Magento, one of the most popular webstores in the world. It’s really surprising to me.

Hi @Miha_Lenasi - While this is on our Product team’s radar we do not currently have any updates to share as they are prioritizing other projects at this time.

When we have an update, we will let you know!

Another vote for this not supporting Magento 2 is big problem for us as well! It’s still the backbone of a lot of very big merchants who need tools like parabola…

Is Magento 2 still not supported? Are merge tags still not working in the API pull / send step?

Hi @Miha_Lenasi - While we don’t have a timeline update on Magento 2 support, the team has begun to look into this to see how it can be supported! We will update you when we have more information!

Another vote for Magento 2 support please. We really, really need this.
We found Parabola for use with M1 and now we’re super bummed to learn that M2 is not supported.

It would also be nice if the documentation for Magento be updated to specifically say “Magento 1” How to use the Magento integration in Parabola

@Miha_Lenasi Were you able to find a solution?

Does the Magento setting under Stores > Settings > Services > OAuth “Allow OAuth Access Tokens to be used as standalone Bearer tokens” : Yes help us at all?

Yes, a little less secure, but it works.

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