Issue with Bubble - > Parabola Webhook

I am positive that I have configured everything properly, and parabola triggers the flow and even has the webhook badge when I execute the POST from my application, but for whatever reason the data that I am sending Parabola is not being pushed through my flow, it retains the mock data I used to build the flow.

Any insight on this would be appreciated, I am so close to achieving my goal with this!!

Hey Jacob - Is there a place to set the content type on Bubble’s end? I’m not sure, but in Bubble, can you add a header called content-type and set its value to application/json? I think Bubble needs to tell Parabola that they’re sending JSON.

Okay I will try this. There is a place to set the content type and it is set to JSON but I will try with the header.


I put the header key as you said defining the content type even though there is a place specifically defining the content type in the Bubble API Connector plugin. Apparently that function is useless and the content-type key is absolutely mandatory.

Since the function is still being tested, I’ll be sure to try to see how far I can push it and still get quality results. I will create a new post when I figure it out.