How to send data to Parabola from Bubble with webhooks, and from Parabola to Bubble

Hi Parabola x Bubble Squad :wave:

Took me a bit of time to figure out how to properly configure this, so thought I’d share my experience here.

Authenticating Bubble
  • Under the “Authentication” section of the “Send/ Pull from API” step, you can set the Auth type to “Bearer Token”, and paste your token in the box below
  • Also be sure to install the “API Connector” plugin from the Bubble plugin tab
Send data from Bubble to Parabola using a Webhook
  • Get your Parabola webhook URL, and initialize your call after setting up your API Connector, as seen below

  • In your workflows in Bubble, select the Plugin action “Parabola - Parabola” and enter the appropriate JSON in the “(param.) message” input field using dynamic Bubble values (ex. “Current User’s phone number’s value”)

Pull Data from Bubble to Parabola using the "Pull from API" Step
  • Pagination: By default, the first 100 rows will be returned by the API until you add pagination settings. You can add these settings for cursor-based pagination in the “Pagination” tab to return additional data. If you’re still not pulling in all rows, you can increase the “Max pages to fetch”

Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 11.11.00 AM

  • Rate Limiting: Requests are rate-limited by default to 1,000 requests/minute per application and version (live / development)
Send data from Parabola to Bubble

Configuring Bubble’s API

  • The dev endpoint and live endpoints are different - the dev endpoint will include ‘version-test.’ You can test the API with a free Bubble plan, but will need to upgrade in order to access live endpoints

  • The endpoint should end in “/obj/keyname” (ex. if I have a data type called “video,” my endpoint should end in “/obj/video”)

  • In Bubble, check the proper boxes under ‘Settings’ → ‘API’ to enable Data API, and also enable the appropriate resources. Also be sure to check the box that says “use field display instead of ID for key name.” If you don’t, Parabola will be unable to find the resource. This tab is also where you can generate an API key, which can be placed in the Authentication tab of the Parabola export step as a Bearer token

  • Under “Data” → “Privacy,” be sure to set privacy settings for the resources that you plan to create/ modify/ delete

  • You may also need to provide a Google Geocode API key and Google Map API key under the “Settings” → “General” tab in order to properly access your API

Configuring Parabola

  • Request Body: In Parabola, in the “Send to API” step, the “Request Body” is where you ‘map’ fields in Bubble to Parabola columns. This text box should include JSON like so:
	"dish": "{dish Title}",
	"url": "{Path URL}",
	"handle": "{handle}",
	"creatorID": "{message User}"

In this example, “dish” is an attribute in Bubble, and “{dish Title}” is a column in Parabola. To help format your JSON, reference a tool such as

  • Updating fields in Bubble: You can use a PATCH request to update fields in Bubble in your “Send to API” step. In the API Endpoint URL, you can add “{_id}” to the end of the request to specify the object to be updated (ex. /obj/videos/{_id}). Feel free to reference Bubble’s documentation here on PATCH requests.

  • Trying to create new object in bulk? Check out Bubble’s “Bulk create new things” endpoint

Good luck using Parabola to enrich and manipulate your Bubble data! Feel free to reply to this post with any questions or recommendations on how this post can be improved.

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Doesn’t actually work a lot of the time. See my reported bugs. PATCH is broken, so you can’t update like you say.

In fact the whole add/update/delete doesn’t work as you think it does.

Also, why do you make me type in the Bubble field name. You clearly know it in the Tool (as it is displayed).

Hey Nigel – Thanks for your insight! You’re certainly the Bubble expert, so I’ll default to you.

I posted this because by following these steps, I was able to successfully pull data from Bubble into Parabola, process data, and then add data in Bubble.

I have not yet experimented with update and delete, so I’m sure you’re right about that process not working perfectly!

Besides the bug that you mentioned, which we have noted, I would love to hear how my suggested approach could be better. Additionally, I only picked up Bubble a couple months ago, so if add/update/delete doesn’t work as I think it does, I would love to be educated!