Error Code 400 when sending to bubble

Hello all,

I am using Parabola to process some data I receive from a third party and then send the results to my Bubble app.
For one of the columns (fields on bubble) in my spreadsheet I am getting an error 400 which says:


  • “body”: {*
  • “message”: “Invalid data for key All Issues: 1611593282022x177915425732385380 , 1611593282156x998469704880660600 cannot be parsed as a JSON”,*
  • “status”: “INVALID_DATA”*
  • },*
  • “statusCode”: 400*

Has anyone seen this before or has any idea why this could be happening ? Can someone help me ?

Many thanks,

Hi @Mateus_Coelho,

Two thoughts here:

  1. I noticed that there’s a trailing space after the last digit of 1611593282022x177915425732385380 in the error message you pasted in your message. I’m wondering if that trailing space is causing the issue causing Bubble to identify it as invalid data. Can you make sure to remove the trailing space and see if that works?
  2. Also, I recommend double-checking that 1611593282022x177915425732385380 and 1611593282156x998469704880660600 are both valid data for the “All Issues” key.

Let me know if you find anything investigating these two points!

Thanks @sachi , but unfortunately that didn’t do the trick… I have also checked the validity of the Ids and they match perfectly.
The thing is: What is the right way to update relational data types on bubble ? It seems to me I can’t be the only who’s ever had this issue as it’s probably quite trivial. Perhaps it can’t be done ? Have you seen this before ?


Hi @Mateus_Coelho - I see. Thanks for following up with the additional information.

My recommendation would be to reach out to Bubble support to ask for their help on how to set this up for their API. They’ll have much more information on this in terms of how your data type is currently set up and how to configure for their API.

Let us know what you learn from contacting the Bubble support team!