Is there a way to pass a value to the authorization password from a lookup?

I need to update the authorization password every 30 days

This requires that I copy and paste 15 new passwords into 70 places in parabola. I would like to update them in a sheet in box or google sheets then have parabola reference the stored value. Is it possible to reference a variable saved in another application?

Hey @Joe_Scola,

Unfortunately the only way to handle this currently in Parabola is to manually edit passwords across all of your API steps. Wish I had better news for you here. That being said, if your API allows you to pass authentication information as query parameters, then you could use an “Enrich with API” step to dynamically reference passwords from a spreadsheet. Seems unlikely, but could this approach be an option?

Also, does this API only support Basic authentication? Curious if the API offers OAuth2.0 (where grant_type = authorization_code) which could help you get around the manual password changes.

Totally understand how valuable it would be to be able to use variables in Parabola in this fashion. Are you able to post about this topic in the Feature Requests section of our community? Would love to personally throw my support behind the feature with an up-vote as well!