Pass a value to the authorization password from a lookup

I need to update the authorization password every 30 days

This requires that I copy and paste 15 new passwords into 70 places in parabola. I would like to update them in a sheet in box or google sheets then have parabola reference the stored value. Is it possible to reference a variable saved in another application?

Hi @Joe_Scola :wave:

Thanks for the feature request! I can certainly understand the need to store values and dynamically insert them into an authentication field or custom header.

Since this is not possible at the moment, are you able to authenticate by inserting your credentials as a URL parameter?

Hi Daniel - Not that I am aware of. The oData datasets require that we use basic authentication. Is it possible to pass that info through a URL parameter?

Glancing at their documentation, it does appear that basic authentication is required as a header. Parabola does send the Authentication types as headers, but won’t be able to dynamically insert that value.

My hope was that sending the information through a URL parameter was possible Parabola can dynamically construct URLs.

I’ve upvoted this request as I would love to see this added to our product roadmap in the future!