"Can Parabola connect to this API" Flowchart

Trying to evaluate if Parabola can integrate with an API?

This flowchart should help you make a determination one way or the other!

API Evaluation Flowchart.pdf (45.9 KB)

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This is fantastic. Thank you!

One question - for keys that need refreshing, if you could find a way to dynamically fetch that changing key, you could dynamically pass it to an Enrich with API step and it would work, right?

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Love to hear it Brian!

The section in your screenshot only applies if the key must be passed as a header.

You’re correct that we can dynamically update a key using the Enrich with an API step if the key is a URL Parameter or included in the request body. If the key must be passed as a header however, it will need to be manually updated since we do not currently support merge tags (ie. dynamic values) in the “Authentication” section or “Request Headers” section.

This is definitely on our radar to support in the future, however there’s no timeline that I can currently offer.

Let me know if you have any other questions, or if further clarification would be helpful!

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Hey Brian – Quick update for you. Just modified this section of the flow chart, since we can now work with dynamic auth tokens using our “Expiring Access Token” auth method!

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