Is my data safe in Parabola?

We take data security seriously here since people use Parabola every day to automate and transform potentially sensitive data.

Our servers are hosted by AWS (in the US) and we utilize their best practices for cloud and data security. We always pull in data on demand when processing flows and while doing so, immediately flush any older cached data from our system. Any data that is cached on the servers—to make building flows more streamlined—is cleared after a maximum of two weeks.

For more details on how we handle privacy/security, see our privacy policy ( In short, we don’t sell any customer data, and the only data we do share with 3rd parties is in the pursuit of delivering the service (e.g. cloud infrastructure providers), for analytics to help us improve our own product (e.g. google analytics and Amplitude), or to comply with laws, protect your rights, or otherwise fulfill business obligations.

Additionally, we comply with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield in terms of storing/processing EU citizen data on servers in the US.

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Part of data security is protecting my Parabola login from unauthorised access. When will you be implementing 2FA?

I use a long password but my company strongly enforce 3rd party integration partners whom only use 2FA.


Hey Caspar - Thanks for your question. I don’t have a timeline I can provide for 2FA at this time. Can you move this into our feature request topic so others can show their support?

ok, done:

Thanks - I look forward to this important security feature.



@alex given the invalidity of the privacy shield, is the data still GDPR compliant for EU users? See other companies have implemented/use General Model Clauses to ensure compliance.

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Would be greatly appriciated to have the service GDPR compliant. At the moment I’m stuck with finding other workarounds while Parabola easily could be solving my needs.

Hi @TT! We believe we are handling data appropriately (we take data security really seriously here), but we’re still in the process of confirming given the updates to the Privacy Shield. Let me know if I can answer any questions in the meantime.