Will there be an integration with MS Sharepoint?

This functionality is very appealing because its intuitive, immediate and integrated with other applications. The plug-n-play setup is great.

My question is in 2 parts:

  1. Can ending data automatically push to Sharepoint lists or Access DBs?
  2. Are all procedures and datasets generated held sacred to the client? With all of the interconnected, separate services needed to fulfill the process that I have mapped, I am concerned that the security and sanctity of my process and data will get stolen. Based on the sophistication of what I have mapped out, tracking all of these components will be a logistical nightmare. Yet, I do see its benefit.

Thank you.

Thanks, @iammia!

  1. Unfortunately, Parabola can’t connect to Sharepoint or Access APIs because Parabola doesn’t yet support the style of authentication they require. You would need to export the data from your Parabola flow as a CSV file and then upload it to Sharepoint or Access through another method.

  2. Yes, your credentials and data are always private to your account. You, as the owner of the flow, are the only person with the ability to add other collaborators to your flow.

We take data security seriously here since people use Parabola every day to automate and transform potentially-sensitive data. Our servers are hosted by AWS and we utilize their best practices for cloud and data security. We always pull in data on demand when processing flows and while doing so, immediately flush any older cached data from our system. Any data that is cached on the servers—to make building flows more streamlined—is cleared after a maximum of one week.