Increased data security via 2FA/SSO login authentication

Part of data security is protecting my Parabola login from unauthorised access.

When will you be implementing 2FA? I use a long password but my company strongly enforces 3rd party integration partners whom only use 2FA.

Also, please don’t treat 2FA as paid-for feature, in the age of cyber-security and data theft it’s critical to view any security related feature, especially a strong protection mechanism like 2FA, as a basic entry feature. Unlike these poor companies - My dealings with Parabola so far I wouldn’t imagine you charging for this feature, but it’d be good to get it developed and integrated.

2FA via SMS is basic, but ideally over an auth app.
Even better would be SSO for corporate identify management auth, via AD or AAD, etc.


Hi - can you advise what your thoughts are on when/if this feature is to be implemented?


Hi Cas,

Appreciate the suggestion and for taking the time to share why it’s important to you.

We absolutely plan to implement support for both 2FA and SSO in the near future. I don’t have an exact timeframe to give you today, but I’d hope we can get to at least one if not both sometime in the next few months. I’ll try to hammer out an estimated date with our product team and will keep this thread updated!

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