Import from coda

Parabola really has blown my mind on the first expression. I found all my favorite apps in it but “Coda import” integration is not there. Its users are growing as I am typing. Would appreciate having that feature. Most of my clients using coda. So I have to stick with zapier for now.

Hi @Tanvir_K - Thanks for your kind words about Parabola! :raised_hands:

While we don’t have a “Coda Import” integration yet, our generic API import step can connect to Coda’s API!

Here’s Coda’s API docs.

Let’s say you’re trying to get information about a doc from Coda’s API. I would use their “Get info about a doc” endpoint and set up the API Import step like this:

You would need to replace {docId} with your doc ID and Your Bearer Token with your own unique Bearer Token.

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