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User feedback. When i’m on this screen to manually run a flow, it’d be REALLY useful to enable/disable destinations here instead of going into the editor.


Hello there!

It’s a bummer that when I try to do the first try, I really can’t use spreadsheets from shared spaces, in Drive as we have a gsuite account… I believe the whole purpose of an App as Parabola is for work objectives… Add that source!!!

Many of our invoices arrive in pdf format with table data within. It would be nice if there was an extraction feature that would pull the table data from the pdf file to be further processed. In our applicaiton, an email would be received from the vendor, sent to a vendor specific email address. A POP hook would process the email, grab the attachment (csv, pdf, or?) and run it through the workflow. I have been ale to use some linux based tools to extract the data from the pdf and could theoretically create an API for this purpose, but I’m not a programmer and would prefer it be native to the platform.

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Any plans to add Google Ads & FB Ads integration?

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Bulk Condition Import for Shopify Collections please.
I have more than 100 conditions for each collection type, and more than 200 collections. Making them manually is impossible.

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Google Maps Point() and label data filling?

Also graphs for time-series data?

e.g. I have JSON output of lat/lng, IP address, ASN # ready for external enrichment

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Submit x-www-form-urlencoded requests through the API enrichment step

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Support for OAUTH2.0 Client Credentials Flow, many of the Student Information Systems and say Google API supports only OAUTH2.0 Client Credentials Flow. Seems like many are heading in this direction

Thanks for understanding

I was trying to merge a bunch of Excel files into a single one. I tried the “read file from Dropbox” and “Use Excel file” but given the number of files I was dealing with, it wasn’t viable.

It would be really useful for this (and I think other scenarios), to be able to:

  • Get the list of files in a Dropbox (or other equivalent services) folder
  • Have a “for each” loop construct that could an input, and produce an output that can be collected into a global result. This loop construct would take files coming from the prior step in this case, but in could take other “enumerable” lists and do math or other operations.

In my use case, I would have:

  • Connected to Dropbox folder, and get list of files
  • For each file, merge it with the previous steps’ result
  • Take the final output and add some columns (as per the existing features)

In summary, a couple of feature requests:

  • Get list of files in a folder
  • For…Each construct to iterate over a list to perform one or more operations
  • Or A “map-reduce” type of construct for this sort of sequential transformation and accumulation of results over a collection

Hope this is clear, but happy to clarify further.

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