API Import Working in Postman, but Not Parabola?

Hi! I’m trying to import data from Mixpanel. The GET request works in Postman, but when I input the same info in Parabola, the request returns blank. This is how I’ve implemented the cURL docs for Mixpanel in Parabola:

In Postman, I used the same API Endpoint URL. For the Authentication Type, I used Basic Auth with my Mixpanel API Secret as the Username and Password blank.

Not sure whether there’s something unique about the Username and Password Authentication in Parabola that’s different from Basic Auth in Postman?

I do know Mixpanel returns with a Top Level Key, but I can’t seem to select it in the Parabola dropdown menu. :thinking:

Any advice would be immensely helpful! Thanks!

Hi @Marianna_Kerppola - Thanks for your question! I think your authentication settings are correct, but the problem seems to be that Parabola is not able to process the content type that Mixpanel is sending from their API.

When we tried in Postman, it looks like they’re sending the content as plain text, which our API steps cannot process.

Our guess is that the JSONL format must not have a legit content-type that they can send and that’s why they’re sending it as plain text.

We looked into their docs and there didn’t seem to be a way to specify a different content-type for this API. Do you have a contact at Mixpanel who you can ask about this?

Thanks for following up! I’ll reach out to Mixpanel to clarify.