Webflow integration

I am an avid webflow user for my company and our online storefront. I’ve seen a lot of really cool tutorials of people making incredible automations for their webflow pages and want to do the same. APIs are not really my speciality, so a direct integration would be amazing!

Yes, please! @iammia – how would you use Parabola and Webflow together?

I really like how Aron Korenblit setup Google Analytics with Webflow to rank his popular posts: https://parabola.io/recipes/import-google-analytics-data-into-webflow-cms

I think I would do something similar, but instead, make an automatic trending items view on our site showcasing our most popularly viewed and purchased items.

btw, is Aron active in the forum?

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Hey @iammia!

Following up on your request… late last week, we launched our Webflow CMS Source integration:

Destination/Export to follow. Thanks for your input!

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