Get ONLY new purchase data from Squarespace

Hi. I have created a flow that gets sales data from Squarespace, formats it and sends to a Google Sheet, I then use Zapier to send the info on the Google Sheet to Drip e-commerce marketing software. All good, it works.

The issue is, the data retrieved from Sqaurespace is ALL the purchase data, so ALL the data is written to the Google sheet every time. The option for writing to the Google sheet are append (which basically duplicated the rows, adding new ones as well each time) or overwrites which add all the rows again (including any new ones). The problem with this is that Zapier analyses every row and each row is counted as a task, this of course uses up the ‘task quota’ in Zapier really quick.

So the question is, is it possible to get just the NEW purchase data from Squarespace and append to the Google sheet, or somehow filter the data before sending it to the Google Sheet, something like an if statement that checks last run for duplicates?



Hi Dennis :wave:

You sure can!

Try importing your Google Sheet at the same time as your Squarespace orders. Then use a “Find overlap” step and plug in both imports. You will want to remove rows from your Squarespace orders that also exist in your Google Sheet.

The resulting dataset should show new orders that have not yet been exported. They will append to the Google Sheet during your next flow run.

Let me know if that helps.

Hi Daniel. Great, that worked.


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