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I am a newb! HELP! 401

Hi Zamora! We’re here to help! This recipe is a great starting point for you: Analyze your Squarespace orders data
You can click “Customize this recipe” to get this recipe onto your own flow.

To finish setting up the API Import for Squarespace, first, you’ll need to generate an API key. Follow Squarespace’s instructions here.

Once you have that, you’ll want to select “Bearer Token” under the “Authentication” dropdown and paste your API Key into the “Bearer Token” field

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Hi @ZamoraLewis!

I saw your post about Squarespace orders and linking them to google sheet! I’m looking for a way to do the same for a couple of days now and struggling to understand the answer you received from Sashi.

Did you manage to do it? Would you mind sharing how and what you were trying to achieve by that? I’m trying to export the information of the “custom product forms” in Squarespace to automate a particular process.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Hey Selma! I know Brian already responded to you in a different channel, but I wanted to follow up here as well. Custom product form submissions are available when you pull in Orders from the Squarespace API.

You’ll want to search for “Squarespace” in the righthand steps bar and drag in the Squarespace beta step. It’s already configured to pull in orders. All you need to do is paste in your own API key where it says “Bearer Token”.

Let us know how this goes!


I created this task, however I am attempting to pull over form data that is attached to the order.

  1. Can you potentially help me understand if that is possible.
  2. If so can you assist me in making it happen.
  3. If not is there another way that I can take the form data from the order and have it auto-export?

Thank you.

Hey Mac,

Looking at their API docs for pulling in all orders, I see this:

Is that the form data that you are looking for? If not, let’s try to find the field on that API doc page that you are looking for, and I can show you how to get it!