Send to Webflow duplicates

I’m pulling data from Google Sheet to Webflow CMS, every time I Run Flow, I get duplicates of data from Google Sheet in Webflow. What I am looking to do is add new Row Data from Google Sheet when it updates into Webflow. How can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance

Hey @KI,

Try pulling in your Webflow CMS and use a “Find overlap” step to compare the tables from your Google Sheet and your Webflow CMS.

You’ll want to keep rows from your Pull from Google Sheet step that do not exist in your Pull from Webflow step. You can match on any shared column like name.

The resulting table will send rows from your Google Sheet to your CMS only if they don’t already exist within Webflow.

Thanks for your response, let me try that and get back to you.

Kind regards,


You are awesome! It worked… Now, I have an issue with Google Sheet - Bubble not passing date to Bubble. Not sure what’s happening…

Hey @KI,

Are you receiving an error code from Bubble? Do you know if Bubble requires a specific format to send dates as?

I would first try to use the “Format dates” step to format your dates in a way that’s compatible with Bubble.

If you’re still having issues, feel free to send a screenshot and we can look into this further.