Flow run summary email - how to activate?

Hi. This is a bit of an embarrassing question, but I hope someone can help me out: I once found the feature to activate a run summary report to be sent to me via email when my flows run. I am trying to activate this for a new flow I created, but I just cannot find the place where I activated this! Can anyone help? Thanks!

Hey Leo - not an embarrassing question at all! It’s actually quite hidden right now, I had to remind myself where this setting was too.

On your /flows page, click on the dropdown on your flow card, and click the option to Rename. That’ll pop up a new window where you can Enable Summary Emails.


Update on Sachi’s instructions:

We changed Rename to Settings in the dropdown menu today. Hopefully this more accurately describes what you can do with that option since along with renaming the flow you can change the description and enable summary emails.


Fantastic, thanks! The “Rename” menu made it indeed a bit difficult to find.

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