Receive Flow Run Summary data in other places than email (via webhooks)

My #1 feature request right now:

1. What is your feature/integration request?

An option to get a summary of the flow run as a webhook payload (in addition to existing email summary).

2. What problem would this feature/integration solve?

Would solve three issues:
a.) Would allow for tracking success/failure of flow runs in other places besides email.

For example, sending the summary via webhook would allow another automation/flow to push that info anywhere, like a Slack channel.

Right now, you’d have to add tons of steps to catch all possible errors that could happen in a flow and get that sent to a Slack channel. Plus tons of reformatting and conditional if/thens for successful runs.

b.) Would allow for more customization of who receives summaries about flows.

For example, whatever is catching the webhook could not notify an editor of the flow if desired. Or it could notify a viewer of the flow.

(This would be even better if paired with the option to disable email summaries to flow editors)

c.) If the data came as a JSON payload in a webhook, it could be reformatted much more easily than what comes through via email. This would be good if you wanted to track all automation runs in a dashboard, Google sheet, or somewhere else.

3. How do you solve/workaround this problem today?

Theoretically could build an automation/flow to auto-forward the summary emails to somewhere else but this is very duct-tapey.

In the Slack example, I don’t think you can auto-forward email to a shared channel. You’d need to forward to another Parabola flow or something else that can post to a shared Slack channel.

I’ve seen many people allude to wanting functionality that this feature request would enable, but looks like no one ever actually made a feature request.

So please upvote this request!