Flows triggered by emails now use a queue

Hey builders!

Flows that have the Pull from Email Attachment step and are triggered by inbound emails now can take advantage of a queue. If your flow is running when another email comes in, we will queue up that email to be processed in the next run. This is the same behavior that flows triggered by webhooks use.

The queue has been upgraded to allow any flow to queue up to 200 pending runs before any new runs are ignored (this used to be 10 for the webhooks queue). The queue checks for new jobs to process every minute.

Hope this helps you build better flows!



Any plans for the ability to see what’s in the queue and potentially even remove items in the queue?

Nothing concrete now, but it’s on our shortlist of additional updates we could make now that we have this queue! I’ll keep you updated if and when we do decide to build that in.

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