Better flow email settings

Hey all!

Flow email settings are now saved for each editor on a flow. Anyone who has edit access (via individual permissions or team permissions) on a flow can choose what kind of emails they want from that flow.

You can choose to receive an email anytime the flow runs, just when it fails or pauses, or no emails at all (which is a new option!). That should help cut down the noise from flows that you do not need notifications about.

Access these settings from the settings view of a flow, or the settings modal from the Flows home page.

Hey all,

With this change, what is the default notification settings for viewers/editors before they make any changes?

Is the default still that viewers wouldn’t get notified of flow failures, but editors would?

And then each person with access, whether viewer or editor, would be able to change that with the new settings options?

Hey @Brian_Dawson, great questions!

The default notification settings for Editors is to be notified anytime the flow encounters a failure, or pauses. For Viewers, they will not receive any notifications related to the flow’s runs.

Each editor will have access to update their email preferences. Since viewers currently do not receive email notifications, they will not be able to opt in/out of these notification emails.

Let me know if you have any other questions!