New and improved published Flow page

Hey all!

We’ve reworked the published Flow page to make Flows more accessible and understandable to those with view-only access.

  • Flow descriptions: Custom Flow descriptions are now front-and-center, making it easier for Flow editors to provide guidance and instruction.
  • Destinations: The new “Destinations” view allows everyone to see where each Flow sends its data. Now viewers who are new to a Flow can understand where the data is sent when a Flow is run.
  • Private drafts: Now, viewers have a safe environment to customize their own private Table tabs. Viewers can highlight, sort, and interact with a Table without altering the Flow or its shared Views.

Whether they’re building Flows or not, your whole team benefits from accessing data that you transform in Parabola.

Give it a try and let us know what you think! :speech_balloon: