New: Published flow dashboard

Hi everyone! Just wanted to announce that we released some big UI changes to your published flows this morning. Now when you view a published flow you’ll see a dashboard of your runs, schedules, and in-progress run statuses.

We hope it better surfaces the most important information about your published flows and reduces some confusion about whether you’re in building mode or not.

Let us know what you think or if you have any feedback, thanks!


Awesome update — thank you! Definitely a lot more intuitively useful than the previous interface.


Now if you could only add to this flow placeholders for uploading source file(s) that link to the entry point(s) of a flow, the usability of your product will jump 10X.


Hey @Ivan.Arnaudov, interesting idea! Have you submitted it to our Feature Requests topic? We would love to get more feedback from you there.