Export Column Names

Hi, first time here and first time Parabola user. I could not find the answer to this question…is it possible to export column names with row data in a Google Sheet?

I am inputting several CSV files, merging them into a single table, removing columns, name parsing, moving columns around and eventually want to output the finished table as a Google Sheet. But when the data is output it does not show the final column names on the top row. How can I get the column names to output to the Google Sheet?


OK. I just re-ran the flow and the column names now appear in the sheet. The first time I ran the flow no column names were output to the sheet, but now they are. Maybe my learning curve or something I did…anyway I will keep an eye on it and let you know if it stops working again.

Hey Steve! Welcome to Parabola and our Community!

Glad you were able to resolve this issue. Hm, I wonder if you had the Google Sheet Export step initially set to “Append to Sheet” rather than “Overwrite Sheet”. The option to “Overwrite” will export the column headers but the option to “Append” will not.

Definitely flag it to us if you encounter similar issues in the future!

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Thanks Sachi. I expect that is exactly what I did. What I learned is the first time you create a file to which you want to append data on an ongoing basis, you need to first set the option to “overwrite”, then modify the flow to “append” for all runs after the first.

In my mind I never wanted to “overwrite” the file, so I set the option to append and I made an (incorrect) assumption that the append option would output the col names when it created the file on the first run.

Learning and growing. Thanks for your help.


Exactly! That’s interesting feedback about the terminology we use though. We can definitely make it more clear that one option includes the column headers while the other option does not.