New Row added to Google Sheet then API Endpoint to append new contact data

I have a dynamic google sheets tab where a new row gets added when new info flows in from zapier.

I want to GET info from only 6 columns on the sheet row that was added which are: fname, lname, address, city, state, and zip.

Then send this row info with specific data columns info to an API endpoint (, which if successful gives me contact info of phone numbers and email addresses.

I want the NEW data to get appended back to the same sheet row in a newly established columns.

Totally new to parabola my first hurdle is lining up the keys and values so the data from the google sheets columns maps directly to the query parameters for the API to get the new data.

2nd hurdle will be inputting the new data back into google sheets on the same row.

Any pointers especially with the first hurdle will help. Thanks.

Hey Ernesto!

Sounds like you want to use a Google Sheets Import, then use an API Enrichment step to hit that API and merge in some values into the API request, then use a Column Rename step probably to rename those columns you got back, and a Column Filter to only keep those you need, and then finally overwriting your Google Sheet to map the new data into the sheet, since you can’t just append new columns, only new rows.

Hi Brian see image snapshots

my issue is getting the column data inserted and mapped to the correct query parameters



it’s not populating from my google sheets list, that i being imported

I added a JSON flattener (not sure if helps) to isolate the column data i need to run the query parameter

see my layout, any info on correctly setting the header keys will help a lot.

Thanks for the screenshots! I think you can remove the JSON Flattener step because judging from your screenshots, it doesn’t look like you need to flatten any data from your Google Sheet.

As for what to put in the Header Key, it depends on what the API requires. If it doesn’t require an additional Header Key, you can click the “X” icon to remove the second Header Key. I tried to look up their API documentation, but it looks like it’s not publicly available without an account.

The way API Enrichment works is that you pass the data to the API by wrapping curly braces {} around your column name. So, for example, if I wanted to call the API for a specific mailing address, I would put {Mailing Address} either in the API Endpoint URL or the Body (if you’re making a POST call). Again, the exact formatting depends on what the API requires.

Does that help? If you’re able to link to the docs or post some screenshots, that’ll help us out.

See documentation below, I’m trying to add phone and email append.

  • new screen shots.

I have this as a POST request because I need to append new data (phone and email back to the originating spreadsheet)

(Attachment API Overview - Datafinder is a service of Versium.pdf is missing)

(Attachment API Data Dictionary.pdf is missing)

Those docs links didn’t seem to come through. Could you send the PDF documents to and we will take a look. At first glance, it seems like the / between all of your attributes should be a & instead.