Excel SUMIFS equivalent in Parabola

I know this would be done in Excel using SUMIFS, but I’m trying to use Parabola. I see there’s a SUM function, but I need a SUMIFS function which can provide me the SUM based on 4 criteria - how can this be accomplished?

Table 1:

  • Has cost information for specific airline flights
  • The 4 relevant criteria are (1) Flight Departure Date (2) Flight Number (3) Origin & Destination and (4) Cabin Class
  • The combination of these 4 relevant criteria results in a unique airline flight that is not repeated

Table 2:

  • Include flight data for a specific demographic
  • This table also includes the 4 relevant criteria listed above (Flight Departure Date, Flight Number, Origin & Destination, Cabin Cass)
  • I want to pull in the cost information from Table 1 into Table 2, only if the 4 relevant criteria match

Hi @Ethan_Grossman

Try using a Combine tables step and connect each table as an input to that step. Keep only matching rows from Table 2 and only matching rows from Table 1.

Next, configure the step to combine data where all columns match.

You can then add 4 rules matching the Flight Departure Date column from Table 2 to the same column in Table 1. Do the same for Flight Number, Origin & Destination, and Cabin class.

Your new table will only display records where a match has been found amongst your criteria. Finally, use a Sum by group step to sum your values.

Let me know if this helps!

Thanks @daniel ! That was great - exactly the direction I needed to build out the rest of the flow.