Dynamic filter criteria using configurable lookup tables

Is there any way to have Parabola use some type of configurable lookup table as a source for filters?

For instance, if I have a dataset of records with address information information for which I’d like to be able to filter out particular states, is there a way for me to allow the user to configure the states to be filtered in some lookup list (i.e. either internally in Parabola or externally in something like Airtable or Google Sheets) rather than having the filter values be hard-typed into the filter steps?

This would allow for filters to be more dynamic as needs change frequently pertaining to filter criteria.

Any help regarding solutions for this is greatly appreciated!

Hi Jonathan, welcome to Parabola! There are different ways we’d be able to get to accomplished in Parabola. To start off, wondering how your address data is currently formatted. Is the field you’re trying to filter by in its own column or is it all combined into a single cell?

Pull in G Sheets along with the other table that we want to filter. If State is not in its own column, we should be able to extract it using Extract Text from Column step. We’ll want to make sure the state value is in the same format in both tables.

When we’ve isolated state in the reference table, we can remove duplicates so we have a list of unique states to keep.

Then, we can use a Combine Tables step, keeping only matching rows from both tables. This will leave us with a list of records from the main table where the state also exists on the reference table.

If you’d like us to to take a look at your Flow, send the link to help@parabola.io so we can take a further look.

Happy Building!

Also, wanted to share along the Loom Video @daniel has created for us!

There are many ways we can tackle a problem in Parabola. Hope one of these solutions work out for your use case!


Hi Ayana- I apologize for my delayed response but thank you for your prompt one! Your answer along w/ the video was exactly what I was looking for, so thank you for the great support!

Daniel with 8% battery left starting a loom, fearless!

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