Countif across columns? example: '=countif(D1:M1, "<45")'

Hello, I am trying to recreate a script I made with Google sheets in Parabola so that all of the data can be filted through Parabola vs Google sheets.

One function I use a lot is the ‘countif’.
basically what I’m trying to do count across 10 columns to see if a number is equal to or less than 45.
in excel of google sheets the syntax would look like this:

=countif(D1:M1, “<45”)

counting if columns 1 through 10 are less than or equal to 45 then it totals how many of those columns are less than “45”, 1 through 10.

Is there a way to do this same function on parabola?

Hey Joey,

Yes, there are a couple ways you could do this. In my opinion, the best method would be to “Unpivot” your columns. so that each number is now a row.

Then, do a filter step where you keep any number that is <45.

Then, do a count by group step to count the remaining rows.

Let me know if you need any help/clarification.

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